ALL TALK and no walk

Some people are like radios, they’re heard, abundantly heard and that pretty much describes them.

Their words are sweet and many. Full of love and devoid of any intention to put into practice their sworn adherence to compassion. Upon serendipitous and visible discovery (of the people, not the radio), they appropriate words reserved for siblings and loudly mourn the shortage of the listener’s company in their world of small talk. Even though, this shortage of company was carefully planned and executed by intention-challenged radio-person.  At least, the intentionally challenged radio-people are not gender biased thus necessitating the term radio-person.


Occasionally the epidemic of such voluble and idle love affect unsuspecting members of the general populace dethroning their well meaning intentions from authority. Calamity strikes when a poor afflicted member meets a depressed member. The careful balance of civil grace is thrown off as one member loudly affects and the other one quietly defects from an agonizingly meaningless interaction. There’re conversations where the diseased rue their lack of time in a manner that would confound neurosurgeons, astrophysicists and Mozart alike. And that, in an age where technology has produced copious means for instant communication regardless of physical distance. The depressed proceeds to silently voice ungracious truth steeped in sarcasm and makes an equally ungracious exit. The tragic end of what could have been a fruitful social interaction. This tragedy is exponentially enhanced when fruitless interaction is among the Sunday crowd.

Call to action

Alarmingly, no one is immune to this illness. Not the intellectually gifted, socially gifted, physically, capitally, ecumenically or comically gifted- no not even the spiritually gifted. There is no immunisation, however, there is a cure. Those who remain alert and strengthen their sympathetic nature against the dark forces of apathy directly overcome an attack from this dreaded malady. Decisively activating the claims of compassion with feasible and tangible aid develops walking-talkers. Refraining from empty verbal declarations of affinity depletes ‘all-talk’ and compelling well-meaning intentions to actualise in the physical world prevents ‘no-walk’.

Let’s go forth and WALK the TALK!Image result for practice what you preach images


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