Gainful Unemployment

No, this is not about get-rich-quick schemes that can be plotted from the safety of your home and executed in the anonymity of the world wide web. Nor is there an expensive initiation package to be bought which in turn will grow into the beanstalk leading to a rainbow that reaches a unicorn waiting to share colourful candy with you- or whatever else pyramid schemes are all about. In fact, this is NOT about financial gains, not directly at least.

When that dreaded word ‘unemployment’ becomes a striking reality, the ‘striking’ nature of it becomes even more painfully so. Suddenly stricken in such an unceremonious fashion, the hapless mind mourns. More mourning for the striking and less so for the fashion. Unless the hapless mind is not given to pecuniary disadvantages, in which case, the fashion might well be mourned. In this state of mourning the blighted soul might take to abstruse endeavours such as discovering the adventures of adjectives in the world of speech. Adjectives are the Hemingways of words. They lend an undeniably charismatic character to their cousins, the nouns. The link to Hemingway being the charisma and not the cousins. Treasure hunting parts of speech leads to the discovery of…well the treasure of writing. An unfunded, precarious and cathartic expedition to the well guarded secrets of the haplessly unemployed mind. This treasure of cathartic writing can augment the mind, unemployed or not, with creative fortunes.

Another fortune that unemployment graciously grants is Time! The haplessly stricken mind lands softly on a floating cloud of time that floats in sync with many other clouds of time. Suddenly time becomes an interminable entity. Initially it may seem like this oblivion of time is shrouding all 5 or 6 senses, as the case may be. However, after the unemployed mind has held its senses in abeyance for an unaccounted number of very long hours, it rebounds with previously unknown vigour.

Said vigour may lend itself to the pursuit of arts, fitness, languages, culinary skills, holistic well-being or any number of faculties alien to the erstwhile employed self. The abundance of time then disposes the mask of humdrum and exposes the blessing that it really is. This blessing combined with the provident absence of nauseatingly imprudent bosses invigorates the formerly numbed mind towards stimulating projects. The welcome void left by other ludicrous associates that threatened one’s sanity with their abundant imbecility further piques the stimulation and vigour for constructive efforts. Purged from the factory of obtuseness that disguised itself as the workplace, now former workplace, the comically depressed mind is released to soar above the stifling stupidity.

Empathy for other unemployed minds is another rightful inheritance of this transitional period. When well-invested, this inheritance gives fulfillment that rises beyond all other creative enterprises.

Invigorated, purged and commiserated, the unemployed mind advances itself through this journey to a higher plane with willful resolution that can and will result in many meaningful gains.


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