Comically depressed


There are those who are depressed. The depressed come in different varieties. Clinically depressed, situationally depressed, atypically depressed, severely depressed, chronically depressed etc. And then there are the comically depressed. It’s not a joke and there is nothing comical about depression. However, when life deals you a barrage of solid punches that land painfully on your self and every last bit of control is ripped out of one’s clenched fists, what is there left to do but let go. At this point, it’s no longer a question of choice. In fact, at this point there are no more questions.

Now there is the wait. It’s either a short wait that feels long or a long wait that feels longer. Into this lengthy waiting room of long faces enter companions. Now they come in different varieties as well. Here is where the comicality of it all develops.

What’s happenin’? So what else is happenin’?

There’s the eternally upbeat, happy, perky, oh-so-annoying companion who walks in wearing that sunny smile and what-a-perfect-world attitude that you just want to smack right out of them. Along with their annoying chirpiness, they bring a world of unthoughtful small talk that seems to stream out of a mouthful of perfect teeth with unbelievable lack of concern. The lack of concern belonging to the person, not the teeth. The script of this cheap comedy of a conversation is mind-numbingly clueless. Newly entered, unnaturally happy companion learns the speaker is depressed. So companion repeats the original question of ‘what’s happening?’ with ‘oh, so what else is happening?’. On hearing this, the depressed mulls over whether depression is case enough for the defending attorney to get the accused out of battery and assault charges. However, none of the words screaming to get out of her mind actually find a voice. Being a Christian, the depressed decides against a physical course of action and keeps looking mournfully out of the window. At some gracious point in time, happy companion, perky companion takes annoying self to a set of co-ordinates far away from the presence of the depressed.

Console me, you’re hurting!

Enter the epitome of care and concern. That friend who is devastated at the very thought of your sorrow. Sad companion discovers your story and is doubly devastated. Now depressed mind feels guilty over making this epitome of care and concern sad. Therefore, depressed gets busy trying to comfort sad companion. Role reversal having taken place successfully, pretend audience is intrigued at the sudden twist in story. Eventually the companion is bearably comforted and sent out to further the cause of consolation elsewhere in this broken world.


This term of depression is filled with interesting companions. From smiley to grumpy. From hold-me to get-a-life. There are even those with JF syndrome (Job’s friends syndrome). There are too many to give each one a paragraph. Whether the depressed mind feels comfort or pain in their presence, most of them mean well. Although, in some cases, their well-meaning-ness would perhaps be more useful in a far away land- that’s an LOL statement, not to be taken seriously.

The important thing is, there are many well-meaning, albeit interesting


keep walking

companions and this is only a temporary state of mind. Sometimes, this temporary state of mind makes many sequels, however it can be ended. There is, thankfully, an end to this depression and it ends with a strong and meaningful smile. Meanwhile, the journey brings perseverance and perseverance builds character and character gives hope.

Ah! Hope, the path to that strong and meaningful smile. Hang in there, interesting companions and all. It’s only for a while.



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